January 16th: Laughter

laughter 2

I’ve just been cracking up all day about random stuff.  Silly laughs with some co-workers over lunch, random sarcastic comments from others in the hallway, funny things that I read on Facebook or saw on TV at the doctor’s office waiting room this afternoon, conversations with friends and my sister.

When I think about people who have made me laugh the most in my life, I think about my friend Alfredo and my Aunt Georgette.  Alfredo told me that when I left the hospital we used to work at together things weren’t the same.  “Its not as fun being funny if no one is here to laugh about it as willingly as you are.”  On my last day working there, another one of our co-workers jokingly asked if I could please record my laugh before I left.  I guess the hallway outside the office we shared is not half as loud without the sound of me cracking up hysterically from inside.

My Aunt Georgette is the silliest, goofiest, most random person I know.  Her “Spanglish-isms” and hysterical dancing and general craziness has sent me into hysterics since I was a kid… and it doesn’t get old.  Spending time with her is like breathing life back into me and I love her for it.

I guess my point is this: Nothing is better than a good laughing fit and no one is dearer than a friend or family member that can make you laugh ’till you cry.  🙂


3 thoughts on “January 16th: Laughter

  1. My dearest Kiks (Cristy). I suppose you inspire me to be silly, goofy and overall allow me to be myself. I remember my mother (your grandmother) saying on many occasions either to me directly or when speaking about me to friends and or family “this one..she’s going to be just fine…” I really didn’t know what she meant at the time but years after I realized, she was referring to not only did I have the ability to laugh about myself which I still do quite often but laughed about just about anything. I think we all deal with life and all it tosses at us differently. I choose to laugh so I can remind myself not to take either myself or anything else too seriously cause at the end of the day Life is just too simple and we humans just seem to like to complicate matters way too much. I suppose after working in healthcare for over 30 years you learn to appreciate life and realize that nothing’s worth crying over when you think about how important it is to have a healthy and loving family. I still remember those famous munchkin interviews and your loud laugher at the age of 5 and know that if we had one today, at the tender age of thirty something I would still hear you laugh as silly and as loud today. Thanks for making my day Cristy. I love you. Aunt Georgette.


    • Tia, I love you to pieces. Thanks for being my confidant and my inspiration. … xoxo. P.S. it’s fricken cold out today! El monkey esta chiflating, lol.


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