January 14th: Run!


Today I am thankful that, despite my crazy schedule and exhaustion, I made myself get out there and RUN.

I was EXHAUSTED all day… When I got up in the morning, I kinda phoned it in and didn’t put on any eye liner and my hair looked sort of like I had styled it with an egg beater.  One of my co-workers took a look at me and asked if I was sick… (Jeez! Do I look THAT bad?!…. Unfortunately, “yes”)  The last thing I wanted to do was do exercise when I got home but I knew it would be the best thing for me.  Besides, I have a race in a few weeks and need to be ready!

Before I had too much time to think about it, I got in my running clothes and headed out for my usual 3 mile loop.  Surprisingly, I was flying!  It was the fastest week-night run I’ve done in a long while and the best part was that I felt as though it had brought the life back into me!  I was more awake, alert energized and ready to go.

Best type of therapy. (And that says a lot coming from a therapist! :))


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