Bodacious Bulletin Boards!

This is only my second year working at a school and I must say that there are aspects of it that make it an ideal career move for me. I love the simplicity and affection of the children, I love the schedule, I love to feel that I’m making an impact in people’s lives and I LOVE the creativity it allows.

When the principal put me in charge of the bulletin board by the front office last year, I semi-panicked. I’d never created a bulletin board before and had no idea where to begin. I think the most difficult thing for me to master was proportion. Once I grasped the space I was working with and the size images I needed to create for it, I have gone nuts with all sorts of fun sayings and themes.

Here are some fun ones I made last year for Honor Roll each quarter. I used the seasons for inspiration.

This year, I’ve decided to change the bulletin more frequently, not just after report cards are issued. Here’s one I made welcoming kids back to school at the beginning of the year:

Welcome Back

One for September which is “National Attendance Awareness Month”:

Attendance Awareness

And my latest creation for October which is when we celebrate “Red Ribbon Week”:

Red Ribbon Week

Fun, huh? What kinds of fun projects do you do at your work? If you’re a teacher or work at a school in any capacity, please share your bulletin board pictures!! I love ‘em!

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