January 9th: Kids are so silly

laughing kids

Today I’m thankful for working at a school because I LOVE being surrounded by children all day. Having worked as a psychotherapist for adults for most of my professional career, the past two years have been a welcome change for several reasons.

Kids aren’t jaded and they aren’t angry at the world.  They usually have no idea how hilarious they are when they are being totally serious and they are incredibly receptive and appreciative of your time and efforts.  I get all kinds of random hugs and greetings from children throughout the day.  They are always sincerely happy to see me and they get excited when they get to spend time with me… Pretty nice ego boost if you ask me!

Today, I ran into one of my little 3rd grade trouble-makers.  She has actually been behaving better this year so I’ve seen less of her lately (which is a good thing).  When I asked how she was doing, she shook her head so I asked her what was wrong… Her response was dramatic, as always, and she used one hand to cover her mouth in order to keep our conversation private and the other hand to point with her thumb.  “This one over here won’t let me get my colored pencils back and when I tell my mom, I’m going to get in so much trouble.”  She kind of sneered and rolled her eyes as she said this.

When I turned to see who she was pointing to, I realized that when she said “this one over here” she was, in fact, referring to her teacher.  I looked over to my co-worker, only to get a look from her that said “Dear Lord, help me.  This kid is driving me nuts!”  (but she said it aaaaaaalllll with her eyes, you know what I mean?) ….

Seriously though, how could I not laugh when this stuff happens?  She obviously got in trouble and had her pencils confiscated but… that little face, the melodrama, the seriousness with which she told me, and the way she was so confident that I would be the ideal person to tattle on her teacher to…. cracks me up!  LOL

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