January 8th: My sister, Georgette

me and georgie bellydance

Today, I am most thankful for my sister, Georgette.  She is more than just my sister.  She is my best friend, my confidante, my advocate, my advisor, my biggest fan and my best consoler.

She is the one who shares my same little quirk of sighing after she laughs (which sends our friends into fits of laughter when we do it in unison unknowingly), the one who only has to look at me to know that I have some sort of deliciously cruel comment to say about something that we’ve just observed, the one that is able to finish my sentences after we’ve spent a lot of time together and the one who totally gets me (even if I don’t “get me” at the time.)

The relationship you have with your sibling is the longest you will have in your lifetime.  Who else can so deeply relate to you than a brother or sister who was possibly there when you were born, played an integral part of your earliest memories and will, hopefully, be there with you into old age after your parents are gone?

I love you lots xoxox.

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