“Big Boy”

A lesson I learned rather quickly since joining an online dating site is that lack of sex and impedes men’s judgement on what is an appropriate vs what is an inappropriate thing to say to a woman to get her to go on a date with you.

Now, I am completely aware that there are many women on these sites who take “selfies”  while wearing low-cut dresses, doing the duck face and making a suggestive pose in the mirror and use this as their profile picture.  Basically, they’re clearly advertising their goods…  My profile picture is on the other spectrum of conservatism:  I had my sister take a picture of me in a black turtleneck at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, OK?…. got a problem with that?!  (in my defense, you can’t tell I’m at Disney and I was totally rocking that turtleneck.)

My point here is not to judge which picture is right or which one is wrong.  What I’m saying is that each makes a statement about the women they depict and what these women want out of being on the site.   And, to be honest, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this stuff out.  Unfortunately, some men are so desperate, sex deprived and/ or cocky, they lose their ability to judge which kind of woman is which and make some pretty poor choices.

Below you will find my profile pic (I TOLD you I rocked that turtleneck!) followed by an email commentary made by some middle-aged butt hole… (I copy and pasted it, typos and all)


Middle-aged butt hole:

“Wow! one hot woman. def got my BIG BOY a goin over here . lol 🙂 Wes you look GREAT!”

My response email to the middle-aged butt hole:

“Got your big boy a goin”?   Really?….

No woman of value is going to respond well to perverted comments like that. Barking up the wrong tree buddy.

(P.S. I contemplated ignoring the email completely but I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut…)

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