Decreed to the Universe


OK everyone. As I mentioned in my post after my last half marathon 2 weeks ago, recent personal events have led me to make some changes to my running schedule this season. I promised myself I would only be changing dates, not changing the amount of races, and really focus on achieving my goal to p.r. at every event by at least one minute. So far, I have been beating my times by two minutes each race!!

My little sister, who will be doing her first FULL MARATHON the Sunday after Thanksgiving, asked me casually last week if I would be available to do the “Best Damn Race” half marathon with her on Saturday March 1st. I was originally scheduled for the 13.1 Allstate Miami Beach that weekend and jumped at the chance to change my schedule and do a race with her instead… but then she dropped the bomb on me: She was also scheduled for a SECOND HALF MARATHON THE FOLLOWING DAY and wanted me to participate in both with her.

Back to back half marathons in ONE WEEKEND?! This is the stuff that only lunatics (like full marathoners) come up with. Now, my girlfriends might try to convince you that this whole break-up had me on the verge of an Elizabeth Gilbert-esque Eat, Pray, Love life-crisis for a couple of days but… Im not THAT crazy. So, I told Georgette she was nuts and declined.

A couple of days later… I thought of my friend Madelyn. While I may not see Madelyn very frequently and I can’t say that I know her too intimately, my interactions with her are always positive and impactful. She has good intentions for others, is sincere with her words and is always spiritual, positive and up-lifting. She’s a pretty amazing vehicle for the messages I need to hear at the times I need to hear them and I’m always a willing listener.

Madelyn shared some of her personal intentions on Facebook that week and claimed that they were “Decreed to the Universe”! It made me smile because I realized that thats the only way that anything really happens: we must decree our desires, believe that they are possible and be receptive to them when they arrive. There are many things I need to decree to the Universe at this point of my life, especially those things that I thought I had, those that I have lost and and those that I fear I will never truly create.

I’ve decided that I will start “small” and make my first decree this: I will take the challenge of running two half marathons in one weekend with my wack-a-doo sister as the finale to my running season this year. It is Decreed to the Universe!!

Next step: Decreeing Happiness, Love and Family

3 thoughts on “Decreed to the Universe

  1. OMG!!!! Cristina… I am just a mere instrument of the Universe and the Supreme Being!!! I am humbled by your words.

    And it is already decreed we will also run together both the Divas Puerto Rico 1/2 marathon and the Paris 1/2 Marathon in 2014/2015. No doubts… we take care of the what. The Universe takes care of the how. ❤


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