Why do YOU run?

worry less run more

When things get tough, I turn to my family. Hugs and dinners with Mom. Conversations with my little sister. Watching TV on the couch with my Dad and Step Mom. Phone calls with my Aunt. Bitch sessions or tears with my girlfriends. Praying every morning on my way to work. Going to the beach alone. Writing. And…. RUNNING.

I run to prove to myself that I am strong. I am capable of achieving great things. I can stomp out whatever sadness and loss I’ve suffered with every step on that pavement. I can find elation in that adrenaline rush and peace with the exhaustion that follows.

I run towards the solution not away from the problem. I run more and I worry less…

Why do YOU run?

5 thoughts on “Why do YOU run?

  1. I’ve learned i like to move forward! Learn from the past and move forward. I find it incredibly soothing to get into a stride and be in the moment with your breathing, being grateful of every thing you have and the opportunity to run.


  2. Cristina,
    Despite the fact that I am NOT a runner yet. This is how I see and am inspired by you……..

    R eminded that I have the strength to surpass anything I put my mind to.
    U nderstand that I have purpose in LIFE!! And I am determined to stay on course……..
    N othing stands in my way to stop me from RUNNING!

    I am a RUNNER, a RUNNER of life. Through each mile I run, I am constantly reminded that mind body and soul are the constant in enjoying life. It is a moment in time when I truly enjoy being in the NOW and enjoying my own company.

    your biggest fan,
    Aunt Georgette


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