Another Personal Record!!


So far, my plan to break my P.R. every race this season is falling into place quite nicely! On Sunday, I raced the Boca Raton Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) Half Marathon.

I registered for the event through my running store which had organized it. Recent events have changed my races this season so I’ve signed up for this one and ran it instead of the Disney Wine and Dine Half which I was supposed to do next week. I’m also going to change a few of my other upcoming events but I have vowed not to cancel any races only make substitutions.

I finished the race at 2:10:31. Almost exactly 2 minutes faster than my September race in Boston. I’m so elated by this that I am CONVINCED that this season is going to be epic. Next race: Still up in the air about the Palm Beach A1A 1/2 Marathon on December 8th. If I can’t find someone to do it with me, I might have to switch to two races in January… will keep everyone posted.

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