There are three things that I dislike when doing a race, and Boston’s race had all three of them. 1. I hate when it starts so late in the morning that the sun is in your eyes while you’re running. (but at least I brought my cap) 2. I HATE u-turns on the course (but at least I got to see Scott as he passed me) 3. And I can’t stand hills (but at least I was fast enough to get over them quickly and still beat my personal record!!!!)

2:12:30!! I kicked all kinds of butt and hurt all kinds of feelings!!!! I beat my time by over three minutes!! 2:12:31 baby!! Oh, yeah!!

Ok, so I am admittedly the laziest blogger ever. Since the school year started I haven’t been very dedicated to this site and I apologize. That being said, just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been running and running HARD. I have been super dedicated to my goal of improving my personal time by one minute each race this season and…. I DID IT!

Our next race is in November and the pressure is on! Can I keep beating my time or have I plateaued? I don’t know but I’m training hard and am staying focussed.

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