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Its back to school time… which also means that I’ll be going back to work now after having had a wonderfully relaxing summer vacation. Luckily, it also means that South Florida’s running season will soon begin! Whereas the rest of the country is trying to enjoy the last days of warm weather before fall and winter bring on unbearable cold, us Floridians are in hibernation during the opposite time of the year. May through August (and even September) can have some pretty unbearably hot days. Summer time’s temperatures can go high up into the 90’s. Its really a time of year best reserved for short, early-morning runs and cross training.

November through March are really the best months to get out there and get some mileage in. This is also when most of our local races are scheduled!

Last year’s running season was epic for me. I improved my 1/2 marathon PR (Personal Record) from 2:31 to 2:16 (I told you that I wasn’t very fast but I’m proud of it). Improving a full 15 minutes in one year’s time is pretty amazing, if I don’t say so myself. This season, I’m up for the challenge of pushing myself even harder. My mind is changing, my running style is changing and my body is changing. I am inspired to set another goal. One that will truly make me push my mind and body a little further than before. I will try to PR by 1 minute: each race I run this season.

My first challenge wont even be in my home state: Allstate 13.1 Half Marathon in Boston on September 15th! Can I clock in at 2:15? I’m sure as hell gonna try! http://www.131marathon.com/boston/

I will, of course, be posting my progress as the running season progress. I have 5 Half Marathons scheduled for this season so far and I’m excited.

Here is my race schedule:

13.1 Boston 15-Sep-13

Disney Wine & Dine Half 9-Nov-13

Palm Beach Half 8-Dec-13

ING Half/Full 2-Feb-14

13.1 Miami Beach 2-Mar-14

What are your goals this season? What do you hope to achieve? How do you plan on achieving this? Who will be supporting you/ accompanying you? Please share with me! either as a comment to this page or via email. I’d love to hear your stories and feature them on the blog!

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